As well as a passion for creating ‘Life in 12th Scale’, the Regency world of the poet Lord Byron and chocolate – I also have an enduring interest in the life of Nicole Brown Simpson.

She was also the inspiration for the creation of the ‘Ghost of Brentwood’ and now known as ‘Nicole’s House’

Beginning with the news of the murders in June 1994 and from the first book I bought in the Autumn of 1994 to the sensational murder trial with the lurid tabloid tales and the campaign to raise much needed awareness against domestic abuse as well as being the subject of a controversial thesis – my interest in Nicole’s life has been an enduring constant.

My contention is that for all of the many thousands of words written about Nicole with the tales of glamour, celebrity, wealth and beauty have only served to make Nicole a remote and insignificant figure – a wrong I am determined to remedy!

For even though I’ve been making ‘Small Worlds’ for many years now and the passion for design remains just as intoxicating; the creation and story of the 12th scale house celebrates the life of a talented and much-loved young woman who relished nothing more than being with her family in the home that she had made for them.​

With completion scheduled for October 2010, I am now busy with the ambitious design of another and much larger ‘Nicole’s House’ as I plan to recreate Nicole’s last home at 875 South Bundy Drive as faithfully as possible.

And with plans for the ‘Brentwood Ghost Gift Shop’ nearing completion, there will be an opportunity to buy and enjoy a ‘little something’ including letters, photographs and other ephemera from ‘Nicole’s House’ for yourself or a loved one.