Till Death Us Do Part?

STAR – through friends of Nicole and industry insiders – has obtained a sneak peek at this extraordinary footage.

“I wish someone could explain all this to me. I see our marriage as a huge mistake! & you don’t…

I knew what went on before we got married…

OK before the marriage I lived with it & dealt with it. Mainly because you finally said that we weren’t married at the time.

It tells the story of the first day of their marriage – a tragic union that ended in divorce seven years later, and that ultimately led to the most sensational murder case in American history.

“I assumed that your recurring nasty attitude + mean streak was to cover up your cheating & a general disrespect for women & a lack of manners!

I wanted to be a wonderful wife!

Nicole, then 25, looks incredibly young and virginal. She’s dressed in a white bathrobe and slippers with a bunny rabbit motif as she prepares for what she describes with a broad grin as: “The happiest day of my life.”

As she awaits the arrival of O.J., a nervous Nicole announces: “It’s funny because I’m so excited. I feel really weird.”

The Headlines. The Story. A Life Interrupted.