The Ghost of Brentwood

Inspired by the life of Nicole Brown Simpson – ‘The Ghost of Brentwood’ is the story of a 12th scale contemporary home which has enjoyed world wide recognition – however, the story is FAR from over!


Home With Nicole…

As well as a passion for creating ‘Life in 12th Scale’, the Regency world of the poet Lord Byron and chocolate – I also have an enduring interest in the life of Nicole Brown Simpson.

She was also the inspiration for the creation of the ‘Ghost of Brentwood’ and now known as ‘Nicole’s House’

Beginning with the news of the murders in June 1994 and from the first book I bought in the Autumn of 1994 to the sensational murder trial with the lurid tabloid tales and the campaign to raise much needed awareness against domestic abuse as well as being the subject of a controversial thesis – my interest in Nicole’s life has been an enduring constant.

My contention is that for all of the many thousands of words written about Nicole with the tales of glamour, celebrity, wealth and beauty have only served to make Nicole a remote and insignificant figure – a wrong I am determined to remedy!

For even though I’ve been making ‘Small Worlds’ for many years now and the passion for design remains just as intoxicating; the creation and story of the 12th scale house celebrates the life of a talented and much-loved young woman who relished nothing more than being with her family in the home that she had made for them.​

With completion scheduled for June 2019, I am now busy with the ambitious design of another and much larger ‘Nicole’s House’ as I plan to recreate Nicole’s last home at 875 South Bundy Drive as faithfully as possible.

And with plans for the ‘Brentwood Ghost Gift Shop’ nearing completion, there will be an opportunity to buy and enjoy a ‘little something’ including letters, photographs and other ephemera from ‘Nicole’s House’ for yourself or a loved one.

The Story. The Creation. The Blog…

And So IT Begins – Again!

Having made so many mistakes in the past with rushed constructions, unsatisfactory room plans and abysmal lighting conditions – I’ve learnt to keep my hands off a dry-build and to simply leave it be until I can imagine myself moving from room to room knowing that every window, fireplace, door and piece of furniture is in the right place…

Me and My Shadow!

There are literally hundreds of books that have been written about the life of Nicole and of her life with Simpson and the tales of glamour, celebrity, wealth and beauty have frequently made her appear remote, abstract and insignificant.

Yet it is the very tragedy of her early death that makes her life a compelling human story of hope, love, obsession and betrayal and that is why I choose to remember her…

‘Tonight is Halloween’ Whispered the Trees…

Even if I haven’t exactly been ‘living it large’ here at Nicole’s House as of late; I’ve certainly been having some ‘fun’ even though I have been busy with moving furniture and shifting plant pots while packing away the toys and putting the cherished family photographs into temporary storage.

And the reason for this interior upheaval?

It’s 1989! Happy New Year!

What is clear is that the state judicial system failed to protect Nicole.

At around 4 a.m. on January 1 1989, John Edwards and another police officer responded to a 911 call.

As Edwards recounted in his police reports and his gripping court testimony, when he arrived at the Simpsons’ home, an hysterical Nicole ran to him screaming, “He’s going to kill me!”

Her lip cut, her cheeks swollen, her eye blackened, “she clung onto me,” Edwards continued. “She was beat up.”

Nicole yelled to the police, “You guys never do anything about him.”

“And if I wanted to hurt you or had it in me to be anything like the person you are – I would have done so after the New Years incident.

But I didn’t even do it then – I called the cops to save my life whether you believe it or not. But I didn’t  pursue anything after that – I didn’t prosecute.

I didn’t call the press + didn’t make a big charade out of it – I waited for it to die down and asked for it to. But I’ve never loved you since or been the same…”

Emerging from his house in his bathrobe, O.J. spewed obscenities at the officers, and when they told him they were taking him to the police station, he shouted, “You’ve been out here eight times before, and you’re going to arrest me for this?”

O.J. was charged with assault, but he suffered few consequences.

Nicole Brown Simpson: The Headlines 

The Poignant Story of a Life Interrupted…

Last Christmas…

“The woman loved life.

She loved to entertain, and she went all out when you visited, whether it was for coffee, lunch, to play tennis, to have drinks to eat dinner.

You always felt special walking into her world…”

Tanya Brown

Candy Canes, Cupcakes and Cookies a Glow…

The Ghost of Christmas Past